четверг, 23 сентября 2010 г.

Anabela Belikova. Streetstyle. September 2010.

After Preen. My heart is warming up to Anabela this season because I was able to capture and get to know her better. I often forget that there are other great models when my favorites (such as Irina) are around. And Anabella is often quiet. I think she may be a shy person, which is cute. During the last day, I was able to hear her talk and see a very beautiful genuine smile. And well, I am a big sucker for sweetness and smiles! So, I’m sold by not only her great style, but simply Anabela herself now!
this photo is taken by Bonae L'amour :) visit  blog.bonaelamour.com to see candids of amazing models from SS 2011 NYFW! ;)

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