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Short Interview with Anastasiya Siyanina.

Some weeks ago I posted some information about Nastya: her polaroids, photos and showlist from LFW. 

Go here to see it all. 

Now you can read a small interview about Nastya's impressions, plans and interests. ;)

1) When and how were you discovered? Was it your dream to become a model?

Nastya: I started modeling in Belarus about 2 years ago, but this summer I worked abroad for the first time. As for a dream to become a model, I’ve just realized that I did have it when I was 8. 

2) Can you share your impressions after your first fashion week? What was the most difficult/ interesting? 

Nastya:It’s difficult to have time for everything. You need to go to 10 castings, walk in several shows and you barely have time to sleep. But this was an awesome experience and I was very happy even though I felt like a boiled rag))) 

3) What show did you enjoy the most? Why? 

Nastya: Matthew Williamson! The show was superb: energetic music, positive atmosphere and I had an amazing dress! :)

4) Have you already noticed any changes in attitude to you after you launched your modeling career?

Nastya: Well, first of all I noticed some changes in my own personality, I became more confident and affable, as a result the attitude of people changed for the better.  

5) What models inspire you?

Nastya: Sasha Pivovarova. She is my ideal of female beauty. 

6) Are there any shows you long for walking and photographers you are dreaming of having a shoot with? 

Nastya: Of all the Belarusian photographers I would like to work with Lena Erysheva. And in my wildest dreams – Hedi Slimane. If he shoots you, you have proved your worth!

7) Can you share you career plans for the nearest future? 

Nastya: Well, I do not plan for the future. In this business a lot depends on your luck. I’ll trust to chance and do my best not to miss the opportunity when it comes))) 

8) Are you going to continue your education or concentrate on modeling?

Nastya: I’ll try to combine both.

9) Do you have any hobbies or interests besides modeling?

Nastya: Sure! I’ve studied for 2 years to become a photographer and after quitting modeling career I’m going to dedicate my life to photography.

10) What is on your playlist?

Nastya: Actually, I’m a melomaniac. But right now it’s Zemfira and Alena Orlova.

11) What are your favorite movies/ books? 

Nastya: I enjoy books by Chuck Palahniuk and Haruki Murakami.

12)  How would you friends characterize you in 3 words? 

Nastya: Cheerful, kind-hearted, zetetic

13)  What belarusian model should i interview next time? 

Nastya: Maryna Linchuk)))))))) 

compiled and translated by tanya gromova

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