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Interview with Alina Isachenka.

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1) How did you start modeling? Were you interested in fashion before you became a model? 

I started modeling, when i was 14 years old. I ve finished professional tennis career, and was thinking how to try myself in different job. Eventually, i ve heard about Sasha Varlamov local modeling school in Minsk, and went there.

2) What was you life like before you became a model?

Before the modeling, my life was - training twice a day, classes in art school, dancing, thus , all interesting activity for young girl.

3) Can you share your impressions on your first FW? What was it like?  

My 1st ever f/w happened in Paris. It was, when i started to do modeling in a professional way, found by IMG through my mother agency in Moscow. Impression was really big- a lot of castings, even more girls, everyone in rush, in short- very stressful. 


Paris f/w SS 2010. Loewe (Click the photos!)

4) What show did you enjoy the most? Why? 

The most interesting and enjoyable show for me was Gwen Stefani show- amazing collection and style, art-designed cat-walk, and furthermore, we were followed by famous Gwen! 

Alina @ L.A.M.B. SS 2011, and Gwen Stefani with models (Click the photos!)

5) I believe, you have already met some fashion icons and gurus. Who impressed you the most? Why? 

Mostly, in each casting of big designer, i ve met some famous casting-directors. The most impressive for me was Russell Marsh- such professional person, who definitely remembers each model, even sees hundreds of them every day.

6) What are your career goals/ dreams? Maybe a cover of Vogue US, or a definite top ad campaign? 

About the future goals- I would like to have big campaign and to be satisfied with job i m doing now.

7) Can you share your career plans for the nearest future? 

Career plans- develop myself, improve by the traveling different countries.

(Click the photos!)

8) Tell us about your interests besides modeling. What are you fond of? 

My best interest is a painting. I successfully finished gimnazium of art, and want to study design in future.

9) What are the strongest and weakest traits of your character?

Never give up and believe in yourself- my strong part.

Short answers:

1) What is on your playlist?

Music from 80s - Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, in conjunction with BI-2, Sade and George Michael.

2) Your favourite designer? 

NO favorite designer- peace of each. Love style of Lanvin, Kenzo, FENDI.

3) City you would like to live in? 

Although i ve visited so many places around the world, I love to live Minsk, where all my relatives, friends and amazing nature and exiting people.

I want to thank Alina for her answers and some private photos! :))) Wish you lots of success in your career and private life! And hope to see lots of new stuff in the nearest future! Go Alina! ;))) 

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