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Karyna Prysmakova. Interview for ALL ABOUT MODELS

AAM: How and when did you started modeling ?
Karyna:I was 15 and I signed up on the website models.com. In few days Metro models wrote me an e-mail and invited me to do the tests.
AAM: Valeria, do you still remember your first casting ? Tell me how it was.
Karyna:It was for Line up show and it was a really big casting. And when the clients said that they will close the casting I went without waiting in line and later they confirmed me on on this job.
AAM: In which countries do you managed to work? Where you liked most?
Karyna:In Milan and New York. Most I liked in New York. In New York people are very friendly and I feel there very comfortable.
AAM: How would you describe yourself ?
Karyna:I am responsible,confident and cheerful person. I take life as it is. I always try to achive my goals. And I think that every person should to improve yourself.

AAM: What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world ?
Karyna:For me the best thing is to travel and to meet a lot of interesting people.
AAM: Please tell us what the last /shooting/ show has left you have the greatest impression?
Karyna:It was my last job in New York for Thom Browne. The show was in an upstairs hall at the New York Public Library. And it wasn’t a simple show where the models walked the catwalk. We slowly went into the room and walking a circle around the other models standing next to their coffins.
AAM: You did fashion shows. Are you nervous before the show starts ? And how do you feel when you walk on the runway ?
Karyna:I was nervous a little bit before my first show. But when it was my time to walk I forgot all the stress and enjoyed.And now I am not nervous before the shows starts.
AAM: Are there any models that inspire you ?
Karyna:Not only models but every person has its own features and style. So if you will look around yourself you will find a lot of inspiration.
AAM: What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?
Karyna:I was a professional dancer, I had a lot of training and it was easy for me to stay in shape.And now when I don’t dance anymore I just go to the gym and try to do it every day.Also I try to eat a healthy food.
AAM: Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?
Karyna:Person is beautiful when he is happy so even if you feel sad you should try to smile.
AAM: Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?
Karyna:When I am not working I am studying,go to the gym to stay in shape, spend time with my friends and family.
AAM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Karyna:I live for today and don’t want to guess ahead. For now I hope to have a long and successful career.
AAM: What do you think of All About Models?
Karyna: I think that it is a good website where you can know more about new faces and communicate with interesting people.

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