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Snezhana. Interview for All About Models

by Allegra Alvarez :

Snezhana Slizhikova aka Zana is a 16 years old beauty from Belarus, Novopolotsk town. She got into modeling when she was 15, she won LOOK OF THE YEAR in Kaliningrad, Russia that's when she joined Podium Studio her mother agency.

Zana is so grateful to her mom, she supported her and encouraged her to be a model, wich make Zana so happy ! Zana dreamed to be a model since she was only 5 years old when she was asked by her grand mother about her future job she always answered " I want to be a top model !" and it still her dream till now.

We had a quick chat with Zana and We'd love to share it with our faithful readers :

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?
-Being a model is my DREAM! I love fashion so much! It is my life! I love runaways, photos, interesting people….

I trust in myself! WhatT can be stronger than belief?I so wanna be a famous model and I will be !

How would your friends describe you ?
- It is a hard question for me, You should ask my guys with whome I communicate. I have a lot of girls whome I love very much. But I can't call there is my best friends. My mother is my best friend !
But I know that I am very cheerful and a little bit crazy ( Smile )

How would describe your personal style ?
-I haven’t a specific personal style. I like classical, rock style.

Follow the Link to read the story and interview at allaboutmodels!

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