среда, 20 апреля 2011 г.

Off duty. Tania Balash.

This is just an excuse to post bikini pics of Tania Balash, but for those of you who're dying to know everything about the upcoming royal wedding, you're definitely in for a real treat!
It was rumored that DJ Sam Young would spin at the royal wedding on April 29th since he's been tagged as Prince William's favorite DJ, but sadly that's not the case. He is now officially out of the running and in April will be touring the the U.S., which includes a gig on the 29th in Las Vegas. Although it's possible it's all a front to keep everything hush-hush.
Anyway, these pics were snapped over the weekend as Sam spent some time chilling on the beach with his lanky girlfriend, Tania Balash. For some reason the dude looks like Jeremy Piven to me from far away & as a result, way too old for Tania.

source: moejackson.com

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